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Time for Spotlight Saturday again! Joining us today is Lana Campbell. She writes paranormal romance. Let’s find out more…

Welcome, Lana, to Love Indie Romance. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Lana Campbell author of the Forever and a Night series, which is vampire romance. I’ve always enjoyed reading romance and eventually started writing it as a hobby. I got serious in 2014 and soon after published Forever and a Night. January 16th, 2017 I self published Forever and a Night Dark Experiments. I live in Avoca, AR with my husband, oldest daughter and a precocious cat named Felix.

You write paranormal romance. Describe your favorite part about writing in that genre. Least favorite? What was the hardest part of writing Forever and a Night Dark Experiments?

I love the fantasy aspect. I can write whatever world I want. That’s fun. I really don’t have a least favorite part but sometimes it’s hard to write believable science pertaining to vampires like I had to do in book two Forever and a Night Dark Experiments. The research that went in to explaining why my vampires have a blood disease called vampire myodysplasia. In order to survive they need blood from their sire species, humans to help them regenerate their own blood cells. I also had to do a lot of research on poisons used on Christian’s patients and then explain why the effects were different on the vampire body than the human one. My vampires evolved from humans, thus they are mammals and even though they live longer than humans they eventually die. They also possess psychic and telekinetic powers. Yes, they are a little larger than life but very much humanlike. And loveable.

Forever and a Night features vampires. Many stories have been written about vampires, some with interesting characteristics of a vampire. What makes your vampires unique from other vampire stories?

They are mammals, evolved from humans. They do have greater strength than humans plus psychic and telekinetic powers, but they grow old and die just like humans and can die from most of the same things we die from. My vampires are spiritual beings who believe in a God. All of my Forever and a Night books have a spiritual basis and characters that bring that across in some way.

Book two, Forever and a Night Dark Experiments released January 2017. How many books do you plan on having in this series? Tell us about them. Describe your writing style when preparing each story. (Plotter? Pantser?)

I’m a pantser all the way! I just know my characters so well that writing about them is easy. So far I have five books in this series. I’m working on book five now. Book three in this series is Chelsie’s story, called Forever and a Night Chelsie’s Choice. The story is already written just waiting for the right agent or publisher to come along. Like all my stories, it stands alone, but is part of the series. Chelsie discovers she has an incurable stage four glioblastoma. She’s dying and the only thing that can save her life is for her to become a vampire. She is Tiffany’s sister and a human OB/GYN for vampires. She works with Christian and his partner, sexy tall Texan, Asa Bradley at the V clinic. Guess who Chelsie’s love interest is? It’s a fun story because Chelsie also moonlights as a country western singer. She loves singing, but her passion is medicine. All this of course is threatened because she’s dying. Her problem is convincing the partners of the V clinic to turn her without telling them the real reason–she only has months to live.

I also have a book four and five in the series. I’m writing book five now. It’s about a billionaire vampire real estate mogul, Nate Davenport and Alabama Rain Holden also a vampire who is a drug thief. She intercepts big drug deals and steals pot, cocaine, meth and such for her evil father who is a feral vampire. It’s proving a lot of fun to write.

Tell us about your characters in Forever and a Night Dark Experiments.

This is book two in my Forever and a Night vampire series. The story is about, Tiffany Peebles an IT tech who is very much her own woman. She’s open minded, bold and a true country girl who lives in the big city of New Orleans, but retains her tomboyish ways and dress. Tiffany doesn’t have much of a filter for what she says or thinks. She’s full of sardonic humor which comes across in the story and makes some scenes lighter and funnier when circumstances around her are anything but funny.

Dr. Christian La Mond is a vampire OB/GYN for the V clinic, a vampire OB/GYN practice. He’s developed a fertility drug which has helped many infertile vampires conceive. Christian is a very devoted doctor. He has a very patient long suffering personality which is good because Tiffany’s hair trigger temper and her determination to keep things on a friendship basis between her and Christian has him constantly battling for patience.

Christian and Tiffany have both had a crush on each other for years, but due to the fact Tiffany is human and Christian is a vampire, neither have made a move to discover the could be’s of their relationship. All that changes when Tiffany goes to work for Christian as his IT person. Thrust together on a daily basis sparks begin to fly romantically.

If you could pick two of your own characters to take out for a night on the town, who would you pick and where would you go?

Christian and Tiffany and a country western bar to do some boot scooting!

Your characters range from a man with money, a sous chef, an IT tech, and an OB/GYN doctor. What kind of research did you do to create each character as true as possible? Which was the most fun to write and why?

Tiffany was by far my favorite character to write. She’s got attitude and not much of a filter for her mouth. She says what she thinks and is often seasoning the story with her subtle but sardonic humor. I had to do no research on Mia the sous in Forever and a Night. I was a chef for eight years. As the old saying goes, write what you know. Also I have a background in nursing so it wasn’t too hard to write about Dr. Christian La Mond. Tiffany’s career was probably the hardest because I had no idea what an IT really did.

Where do your stories take place? Have you ever traveled to gain a better sense of your scenery? Describe your experience, if so.

Both stories take place in New Orleans and yes I have traveled there because I was writing Forever and a Night at the time. It was great, fun research.

Crazy question time! You’ve been struck by cupid’s arrow. True love at its finest. Describe your true love and your dream date.

I think Nathan in Forever and a Night became my one true love. He’s sexy, passionate, sometimes a bad boy too. Because I’m a total foodie and wine lover I had him take Mia on a date to a fancy restaurant. Doing that with Nathan then afterward on a horse drawn carriage ride, would be a little cliche but ultra romantic to me.

Any last thoughts?

I knew after I wrote book one in this series, Forever and a Night that I would have to tell Tiffany and Christian’s story. Tiffany is a strong willed woman who does things her own way, but she carries a lot of baggage from her past, namely her father’s betrayal of her family with Tiffany’s best friend from high school. She has a hard time trusting men. Even though her love interest, Christian La Mond is a dear friend and quickly becoming much more as the story unfolds, she doesn’t trust that he won’t break her heart.

Tiffany is fun, witty and has a fresh mouth and a bad girl attitude. Christian is more passive, mature and is a good balance to Tiffany’s high strung personality. Plus he’s just gorgeous. He has long, honey blonde hair, gold eyes that sparkle in low lighting. (A vampire thing.) Together they’re so much fun. Christian brings out the sensual side of Tiffany and Tiffany tries Christian’s patience at ever turn.

This was such a fun story to write, but it took me forever and a night, pun intended, to do it. When I brought in the angel of death terrorizing Christian’s pregnant patients it forced me to write a lot about the workings of the vampire body. Since in my stories vampires evolved from humans, I had to do a lot of research on blood disorders, poisons and their effects on the vampire body, all of which is the premise for the external conflict of the story, which is some crazy person poisoning Christian’s pregnant vampire patients.


Thank you so much for joining us, Lana! If you want to connect with Lana, or check out her Forever and a Night series, just click those beautiful links below.


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