Is it possible to earn money self-publishing?

Alrighty, romance writers. After a few weeks of happy, go-lucky articles I have another hard-hitting article by none other than Derek Murphy because, yes, I’m still obsessed ๐Ÿ˜‰

But anyhoo, I reckon most of us have probably thought to ourselves…

“Geez, can you ever make legit money as an indie?” at one time or another. Like, maybe when you’ve released a book and it didn’t launch super duper well, or perhaps when you’ve done a free promo and gotten way fewer downloads than you expected. I mean, it’s FREE, eh? Who doesn’t want that?? Well, DM has some fantabulous insight on this.

ALL self-publishing is a SCAM. It’s “impossible” to earn any money!

Hope y’all find that a wee bit helpful!!


Mistress Ann

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