It makes my heart ache

Here’s mine:

I don’t stop him. I can’t. It wouldn’t be fair of me. Instead, I hold perfectly still as he snorts a second line from my skin.

He needs this. He’s not just numbing the pain. He’s numbing life.

Because no matter how hard he tries, he’s never been good at dying.

If you’re an author…

Share a few lines that hurt to write and ONE link to your book or website. If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!


Mistress Ann

4 thoughts on “It makes my heart ache

  1. I’d wagered four lives against a hundred thousand dollars, against people who in all likelihood had killed someone who’d made a similar bet. Four lives, including the one in my arms…and all of them could die if I made a single mistake. I shuddered.

    “Are you okay?”

    “No,” I said.

    “What do you need?”

    It took two tries to speak.

    “Permission to act like a silly girl.”

    “Granted,” he said.

    I didn’t cry; what lumbered out of my back brain was an emotion way too big for tears and sobs. I just buried my face in his shoulder and shook like a leaf in a windstorm.

    -From “Margin Play”

  2. My world crumbles around me. It’s over. He’s gotten in to his dream school and they’ve made plans. He’s already moving on.

    I knew it would end, but not like this. I thought I’d be the one to have to end it, to let him go live his dream. I’m so stupid. So fucking stupid.

    I can’t be here. I put on my jacket, grab my backpack, and run back to my room. I cry the whole way.

    -From Working On It

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