It might not happen but . . .

So as a writer what is your worst imaginable nightmare?

It might be no one reading your book, or people reading it and hating it, or getting bad reviews, or never being successful however you define being successful, but I think there is one nightmare that as writers we all share . . . losing your manuscript and not having a backup!

I’m sure this article is already telling us all things we know, but sometimes we can get complacent, at least I know I can, and I thought that given its a new year I would remind myself, and anyone else who needs it, how important it is to back up our work, and how easy it is to do it especially if we get ourselves into a system.

It might not happen but . . .


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Princess Jane

4 thoughts on “It might not happen but . . .

  1. I keep all my stuff on Dropbox, and then do weekly emails to a friend.

    Once I’m finished with a project, I will back it up on Google Drive, and on my computer.

    Maybe I should do more? But honestly it just gets so unruly having so many different versions floating around.

    1. Sounds like you do lots of backups, Aislinn. I email my current work in progress to myself each night before bed, then backup to multiple flash drives regularly, but to keep some of the unruliness at bay I delete the email with the old version of my book each day when I send myself a new one

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