Just observing

Here’s mine:

“Is that all she ordered?” I ask quietly.

“Yeah,” Gus answers. “I offered to make her something on the house.”


“Said she wasn’t hungry.”

I glance over to see her lick the spoon. Then turn it over and lick it again before tipping the empty bowl slightly with her thumb. She’s a liar. The damn girl’s starving. “You actually believe her?”

“Not for a second.”

Taking another bite, I try to sound casual, “Did she say where she’s from?”


I shrug.

“Do you care?”

Another shrug. “Just curious,” I say.


If you’re an author…

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Mistress Ann

4 thoughts on “Just observing

  1. Here’s mine from Two . . .

    All heads swiveled to watch as Sofia Everette wheeled into the room. Wavy red hair cascaded over her shoulders, shimmering and shining as it caught the sunlight streaming through the window. Ryan wondered briefly if it felt as silky as it looked, before catching himself and locking the thought firmly away. Sofia was already involved with someone, and besides, he already knew he was not the marrying kind.


  2. One look and she took his breath away. She sat precariously on a chair at a high-top table all by herself. The bright red dress clung to her delicate body and screamed, “I’m ready for sex!” Her legs, long and tan, asked to be felt up with a slow caress. His hands started to tingle with the urge to walk over there. The coldness from his beer seeped in, wiping that urge away.
    Do the job. Getting hard as a rock over one woman with a simple glance wouldn’t accomplish his goal tonight. Only make it harder.


  3. “Up this close, when he looked down, he could see a little of her décolletage. He tried not to, but her rising and falling breasts were so alluring, he didn’t know how to look away. He remembered how he had felt the other night, when she was in his bedroom, how her dewy eyes had tugged at his heart—and his loins. How would she respond if he pushed her down on to the tatty chaise, laying his hard body over her, kissing her? What would she taste like? Would she be pliable and responsive, moaning against his lips, lifting her pelvis to grind against him? Or would she fight, like the wildcat he suspected she could be?”

  4. “Out of curiosity, what made you pick the pill over the shot?”

    “Well, you have to go back into the office every 12 weeks to get the shot. That just seemed awfully inconvenient. Why do you ask?”

    “Oh, no reason really. I guess I’m just more familiar with the shot. Rachel was on it and it she rarely had a period with it so it seemed like it would be a more attractive method.”

    Did I say he was a gentleman? Apparently, he’s also an insensitive fucktard. I think this is the first time I’ve been legitimately upset with him. And we’re, like, 48 hours into an exclusive relationship.

    “Oh, well good for Rachel. Thank you so much for sharing that with me.”


    “You know what? I’m not feeling so hot right now, Evan. I’m just going to go back to the house and lie down, maybe go to bed early.” I get up and start towards the door. I make it two steps before I feel his hand on my forearm.

    “I’m sorry. I wasn’t saying that to hurt you. It was strictly an observation. I thought you might prefer to not deal with your period.”

    My eyes bulge. He did not just say that. Is this conversation really happening? Especially after what happened to me this morning?

    “Yes, well, thank you for clearing that up. I’ll see you in class.”

    “Don’t go like this.”

    “Evan, it’s fine. I’m sure I’ll get over it once my period has ended.” The bitch is back, people.

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