Make FREE book teasers & promo material in MS Word

Confession #1: I like pretty things.

Confession #2: I totally half-*ssed these teasers and didn’t even bother adding text. Meh. You get the picture.

FREE with Boxshot Lite & MS Word

Personally, I’m a fan of Ps/InDesign, but I realize some of you guys are either on a tight budget or wouldn’t touch design software with a 10-foot pole 😂 sooo I’m gonna share a hack-ish way to make book teasers using a free online tool and MS Word. Cool beans?



STEP 1: Make your 3D mockups

Go to Boxshot Lite and toss your cover – front, back & spine – into the online 3D mockup machine thingy (what the heck is it called?? LOL). For the purposes of this example, I chose to remove the shadows and highlights completely. You’ll need to do the same if you wanna strip out the white background and layer your mockups on top of another image.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The free version of Boxshot produces a 400 x 300 PNG file, which is insanely small. If you blow it up too much, everything will look super blurry. Not ideal, but hey, we’re talking free here.

Less important note: If you’re wondering why I didn’t angle them to show the pages, take a look at the mockup below. See how the white pages blend into the white background at the top-right-corner?

Well, you won’t be able to isolate the book properly unless you use Photoshop or some other design software. And if you’re gonna do that then you might as well make a legit teaser the proper way. Just sayin’.

STEP 2: Make your PDF teaser

Chuck all your images into MS Word. You’ll wanna do the following:

  1. File » Page Setup » Paper Size
  2. Insert » Photo » Picture From File (do NOT copy/paste)
  3. Format Picture » Wrap Text » Behind Text
  4. Format Picture » Remove Background
  5. Reorder
  6. Resize stuff, move things around, add text, etc.
  7. Save as PDF

STEP 3: Convert your PDF to PNG

Using an online converter, convert your PDF file to PNG or JPG, and voila!

Now, if you’re thinking, “That doesn’t look as good as the Ps version,” just know I’m thinking, “Yeah, it’s free.” And if you’re thinking, “Geez, Ann, that ain’t easy at all,” just know I’m thinking, “Yeah, it’s free.”

Hope that helps some of you awesome possums!!


Mistress Ann

P.S. You can also make decent-looking book covers in MS Word. Or with an online design tool like Canva or Crello. They even have pre-made templates available, which I wouldn’t suggest using as-is since I reckon lots of folks do, but it gives you some solid ideas. Like a good starting point, ya know?

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