Making time for writing

Hands up if you like to procrastinate.

Hands up if you often complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Hands up if making time for writing is often a challenge.

Hands up if you wish you could be more productive with your writing.

Okay so I put my hand up for all of those! And with some of you participating in NaNoWriMo this month I was thinking about how we make time in our busy daily lives for writing.

I love writing. I mean I really LOVE it!! Its so much fun and if I could spend all day every day doing it then I would be thrilled. But I can’t, I have work, and chores, and errands to run, and energetic dogs that need walks, and family, and friends, and hobbies, and marketing and promoting things to take care of, and social media to keep up to date, and other responsibilities that need attending to.

And then, although I adore writing, many times when I sit down to actually write I find myself procrastinating, wandering the world wide web aimlessly, or getting distracted by whatever background DVD is playing, or stopping for snack breaks (which is easy to do since I love baking and there is always something delicious hanging around!), or any number of other unproductive activities.

I really want to make the most of the available time that I have, because I always enjoy whichever story I’m writing, and I have a whole list of other ideas (currently four other books partially planned out!) that I’m anxious to start on too. So how do we take the time that we have and make it as productive as possible? How do we fit writing in amongst all the other stuff? And how do we deal with procrastination? Well this article offers up a few suggestions that I hope you find helpful!

Make more time for your writing


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