Here’s mine:

The second we were alone, I completely unraveled at every seam. There was no chance of stopping it…

I struck him once more.

Before tossing the divorce papers in his face and switching to my bare fists.

Hitting him over and over and over again.

As for the love of my life?

He took the abuse.

Didn’t stop me even though he easily could’ve. Didn’t defend himself even when I drew a dangerous amount of blood. Didn’t move. Didn’t budge. Didn’t so much as twitch.

While I beat the living shit out of him.


If you’re an author…

Share a few lines of an “ouch” moment and ONE link to your book or website. If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!


Mistress Ann

5 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. From Three . . .

    “Then I have nothing to lose,” Ricky said.
    What happened next became all hazy and jumbled in her memory.
    Ricky plunged the knife into her stomach.
    Sofia was immediately engulfed in white-hot burning pain. Warm, sticky blood gushed from her wound. As she looked down, her gray sweatshirt slowly turned red, the stain growing bigger and bigger.


  2. So this one is from Dark Love (available for free in next weekend’s promo), and is an example of when a BDSM scene goes wrong. Mistress loses control! >:O
    “Noo-ooo,” he screamed, followed by, “Red.”
    He cried as more lashes rained down. He was bloody glad he had kissed Lucy now. That was worth taking this abuse for.
    Lashes were still raining down on him. He finally collapsed on the floor, crying.
    Blood was trickling down his back, which was burning in pain.
    “RED,” he yelled.
    Why was she not stopping?
    “RED, RED, RED,” he yelled louder.

  3. Lives Collide – US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MT6QIHE

    My body shoots forward. The seat belt catches me, then flings me back into the seat like a slingshot. A sizzling pain burns in my stomach and back. It takes me a few seconds to focus. The eerie sound of silence is worse than the grinding metal. I look around, and bile rises in my throat. We’ve hit a large oak tree head on. Blood is splattered over the dashboard and windshield. Mom is slouched over the steering wheel, not moving. Her head angles to the right, and blood covers her face. I fight the urge to throw up.

    “Mom! Mom can you hear me?” No reaction. But her eyes…

  4. From Sunrise Awakening…

    Wiggling her legs, pounding on her back, grabbing at Claire’s shirt, she tried anything to get Claire to let her go.
    Her body slammed into the wall. A sharp pain ruptured in her side as she clung as hard as she could to Claire’s shirt.
    “Let me go. You’ll die in this well. You deserve it.” Claire yanked her away.
    Maddie lost her grip and felt nothing but air as she fell. She attempted to put her hands out, but it didn’t matter.
    The bottom of the well came too fast.


  5. “How can you shake your head? How can you stand there and deny that?” She wants to hit me or slap me or shake me, or do something violent. I can see it in her eyes. That fire, all that pent-up angst, tells me that she’s still mine.
    No one can make you this crazy unless you love them.
    “Because last night was not the first time I’ve seen you.”
    “Bloody liar!” she yells, and now she does shove me. I can see the hurt I’ve inflicted, rippling off in waves. It crumbles any charm and bravado I was trying to hold onto. It crumbles everything because hurting Ivy breaks me.

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