Here’s mine:

She deserved it. After what she said to me, she damn well deserved it. I wasn’t out of line. I didn’t regret it. I wasn’t sorry.

I am such an asshole.

And Jesus Christ, I had my head shoved so far up my ass I was actually beginning to taste my own bullshit.

Of course, I regretted it. Of course, I was fucking sorry.

If you’re an author…

Share a few lines of your character feeling regret and ONE link to your book or website. If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!


Mistress Ann

2 thoughts on “Regret

  1. Here’s mine from One . . .

    His heart was pounding as he knocked on Annabelle’s motel room door.
    Xavier knew he shouldn’t have left it so long. But he’d been mad yesterday, and he hadn’t wanted to face Annabelle. Now he hoped he hadn’t made things worse between them.
    Maybe it wasn’t such a big deal that she had investigated his past. Annabelle, Kate, and Julia were right; he had done the same thing to her, although for very different reasons. He did kind of understand where Annabelle had been coming from.

  2. Mine :
    Rachel was regretting making him apologize. He would be harder on himself than she would be on him. She tried to find a delicate way to describe the soreness between her legs. “I have some discomfort that can not be seen.”
    Zeke took a shaky breath as tears rolled from his eyes. “Damn it.” His mind was warring with itself, struggling to remember but praying he wouldn’t. “You must hate me.”
    She reached up and gently brushed away his tears. “No, I could never.”
    He shook his head. “Why didn’t you leave when you could?”
    “Because I was more afraid of the harm you could do to yourself than what you might do to me.”

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