Romance Writing 101

Since it is February and Valentines Day is coming up, I thought that this month I would share some articles specifically about writing romance!

First up is an article with a couple of basics, because sometimes its helpful to get back to basics!

While this article has a focus on writing a romance novel that might get accepted by an agent/publisher, it also just has some great basics to make sure you’re considering when writing a fabulously fantastic romance novel that your readers will love!

Romance Writing 101


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Princess Jane

2 thoughts on “Romance Writing 101

  1. Ooooh, Princess Jane!

    Great article for the 1st (and possible 2nd, 3rd, etc. haha) time author!! Thank you!!!


    P.S. I’m just gonna ignore “The Unacceptable” cuz, well, it’s too late now 😛

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