Seven rules for writing historical fiction

So I admit other than to fulfil a review obligation I have not read a historical novel of any sort in years. As a kid I absolutely adored Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books, but as I got older I found a lot of historical books tended to annoy me by having too much explanation of the time period in such a way that felt unnatural and put me off.

I’m certainly not implying all historical novels are like that, I am sure that most are totally awesome and very natural in how they incorporate things to do with the ‘history’ side of the book, but I came across this article and thought I would share!

If you write historical romance I hope it has some helpful tips for you!

Seven rules for writing historical fiction


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Princess Jane

2 thoughts on “Seven rules for writing historical fiction

  1. Confession: My first romance read was historical. My first romance write was also historical. Wish I’d had this article handy when I was 9 😛

    Great find, Princess Jane!!

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