Spoiler alert

Here’s mine:

“It’s okay, Cale.”

“What is?”

“That you love her.”

I sighed in exasperation, “Dad…”

“You do love her, don’t you?”

“Like you wouldn’t fucking believe.”

“And you’re scared.”


With a knowing grin, my father opened up the liquor cabinet and asked, “Care for a nightcap with your old man?”

“Fuck, yes.”

Laughing heartily, he reached for the bottle of Chivas. “You’re in trouble, son.”

“Yeah, I know,” I groaned miserably. “Trust me, Dad. I fucking know.”


If you’re an author…

Share a few lines of a spoiler and ONE link to your book or website. If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!


Mistress Ann

3 thoughts on “Spoiler alert

  1. From Three but I had to edit it a little because it was too long

    “We should do something to celebrate you finally having your cast off. What about dinner tonight?”
    “Restaurant or with your family?”
    “I was going to say romantic restaurant—just the two of us—but I can see from the look on your face that you want to have dinner with my family.”
    “Your family is the best. They’re the family I always wished that I had.”
    “Sofia,” Ryan’s voice turned firm, “my family is your family now. They adore you, but not quite as much as I adore you. Dinner with my family, it is,” Ryan groaned melodramatically.


  2. From One Taste of Love (Book 2)…

    “Are you about to ask me if we can have sex on the table?” Her voice sounded frightened, yet mixed with anticipation.
    He shook his head, biting his lip to keep his laugh from escaping. “I wouldn’t ask. I’d just grab you into my arms and have my way with you.”
    “Oh.” She took a step back, but her eyes glossed to the table with desire.
    “Rina,” he said with a chuckle, “I’m not going to grab you…yet.”
    Her eyes went round with shock. “Meaning…that…it’s a table…Ben…”
    “I love you.”


  3. Wade moved in front of her, blocking her view of the
    rock she was recording.
    “Will you please move, Wade? I’d like to get this done
    before I go back.”
    “What’s going on, Abilene?”
    “I’m leaving in two weeks. What do you think is going
    on?” she said sharply as she peered up at him.
    “I won’t let you leave,” he declared.
    “Wade, I can’t stay.”
    “Why not?”
    Glaring at him, she snapped, “Figure it out. Now move.”


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