Mad as hell

Here’s mine:

I am pissed.

Absolutely mother-fucking livid.

I might deserve to die for what I did to him, but I don’t deserve this.

The world isn’t well defined. Lines are normally blurry. Boundaries aren’t typically clear. Right isn’t always good and good isn’t always just. Wrong isn’t necessarily bad and bad is rarely objective, if ever. The majority of choices aren’t black-and-white. Most decisions exist only in grayscale.

Except this.

No man, woman, or child deserves this.

He knows that better than anyone.

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Not good

Here’s mine:

She crumbled into my arms.

Along with her trust in me. Her faith in us. Her belief in forever.

It all fucking crumbled into my arms.

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It makes my heart ache

Here’s mine:

I don’t stop him. I can’t. It wouldn’t be fair of me. Instead, I hold perfectly still as he snorts a second line from my skin.

He needs this. He’s not just numbing the pain. He’s numbing life.

Because no matter how hard he tries, he’s never been good at dying.

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Work in progress

Here’s mine:

A wry grin tugs at his lips.

And fuck me, but that tiny movement makes my breath catch. I can’t decide if I want to laugh or cry or deck him a good one. Because I forgot how human he looks up close.

I forgot the Devil has dimples.

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