Drawing an emotional reaction from your reader

Its basically the goal of every story, right? To draw out an emotional response of some sort from our readers, whether it be to make them laugh and feel good, to scare them, to make them sad. No matter what genre of books we write we want to bring the reader into the world we have created and have them become so invested in the characters that they feel what the characters are feeling and join them on their journey.

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190 Ways to Say “Said” OR 187 Creative Dialogue Tags to Avoid

Said, asked, replied, spoke, whispered, accuse, echo, retort, scoff, beg, counter, jest, gloat, fume, call, urge, profess, hint, implore, quip . . .

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How to revolutionize your character motivation

I love character motivation!

Sometimes I’m a little too obsessed with it and go a little overboard giving motivation to every character that is a part of the book even the minor ones!

Anyways . . .

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Writing Multiple POVs without Head-Hopping

1st-person dual POV and 3rd-person limited POV are both super duper common in romance, eh? The former is a bit tricky to do well (or so the consensus seems *shrugs*) but I’ve been chatting with some authors who also find 3rd-person can be tough to write without head-hopping all over the place. Sooo…

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