Tease me…

Here’s mine:

“What in God’s name are you wearing, Mickey?”

She didn’t answer the question. Not that she needed to.

I wasn’t fucking blind.

Instead, she reached up to straighten the white cap, complete with an iconic Red Cross front-and-center, and blinked her big doe eyes at me. “Sorry, sir,” a finger trailed across my jawline, “I’m afraid that Mickey has the night off…”

“Jesus Christ.”

“And Jesus is booked solid as well.”

God help me.

“But I’d be more than happy to take care of you myself,” she started backing down the hall, “if you’ll please just follow me this way…”


If you’re an author…

Share a few lines of a character being a tease and ONE link to your book or website. If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments! 


Mistress Ann

P.S. – Yeah, it’s super long, eh? *sigh*

5 thoughts on “Tease me…

  1. I love this part…and hey, not too long for me this time. I tend to share long ones. hehe.

    Sophie grabbed the last plate and shivered in his arms when he kissed her again, just below the last kiss. “You should really stop doing that.”
    “Why? Don’t you like it?” he whispered in her ear, pressing another soft kiss just below her ear. “I guess I didn’t do it right. Let me start from the beginning.”


        1. Haha, Mistress Ann, this one was so hard!! Okay, I finally chose something that kinda goes, its from the third book in my Detective Parker Bell Series . . .

          “Speaking of husbands and wives, today is our four month anniversary, so maybe,” Tessa murmured as she started to undo the buttons of his shirt, “maybe you might want to take your mind off things.” Sliding her hands up his smooth rippling chest, the muscles twitching beneath her feather soft touch. Reaching up on tiptoes to kiss the hollow of his neck as her fingers traced his jaw line through his thick two-day old stubble.


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