The #1 Reason Why Your Book Isn’t Selling

Confession: I totally did NOT research the market at all before publishing due to the whole never-thought-I’d-publish-jack-squat thing.

Hmm. I’ll be totally honest cuz partially honest is pretty shady, eh? I kinda sorta got lucky because 1) I found a very specific audience (wounded hero romance) without much searching (literally a 5-minute Google search)  and 2) Me Before You came out with perfect timing and put disabled characters on the map in a very big way.  Thanks, Jojo Moyes!

Anyhoo, I know some indies just write what they love but…

Others wanna build a legit readership or sell a ton of copies or become a bestseller, eh? I 100% admit to being a “hack” as Derek Murphy discusses in this video and I ain’t ashamed haha!

Yes, I’m (still) obsessed with DM. No, not Quite possibly in a creepy stalker way. At least I don’t think so 😉 Hope this helped some!!


Mistress Ann

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