The seven deadly sins of paranormal romance

It has been a while since I’ve really had much to do with anything paranormal either writing or watching, but I did go through a HUGE Charmed phase, and I have to admit I totally loved when Phoebe fell in love with Cole, even more so when he became the Source of all Evil, but okay, yeah totally rambling now and stopping myself before I get distracted . . .

So anyways since I’ve been thinking about different romance sub-genres lately I came across this article on writing a great paranormal romance and through I would share!

The seven deadly sins of paranormal romance


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Princess Jane

2 thoughts on “The seven deadly sins of paranormal romance

  1. Oh goody (*claps hands excitedly*), I think I’m following most of these rules in my WIP. It’s my first paranormal romance so was very pleased to see this well timed post. Thank you.

    I may have combined a few magickal beings into my duology but it’s for a good reason; you’ll see. I hope!

    I’m so excited!! Must get on with the writing so I can share it with you all (*jumps up and down like a child who’s eaten too many sweeties*).

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