Thursday’s Thoughts

I want to see your best lines! Either use the word itself or the emotion behind it.
The word today is:


A branch hit her cheek. A soft cry echoed around the brisk night as she stumbled a bit. Correcting herself before she went head first into the ground, she continued to run. Her feet would give out before she stopped running. She would stop for nothing. Or she would die. She knew it with every breath in her body. If he found her, he would kill her.

Escaping Memories ~ A Lucky Town Novel

If you’re an author…

Share with us 2-3 lines from ONE book and provide ONE link to your book or website:) If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. From Start Again

    “I watched as the f*cking monitor flat-lined and her life slipped away. Then I held her small, lifeless body, knowing it was going to be for the last time.” the tears are coming in full force like I just opened the dam. “That it was going to be the last time I smelled her hair or kissed her soft skin or whispered that I loved her in her ear. That the second I left her body I’d never see her again,” I sob out. “You have no idea what that kind of pain is like.

  2. Decisions, decisions. Hmm…

    She leaned down to place a whisper-soft kiss at the corner of my mouth.

    I melted. Right on cue. Into a completely helpless puddle on the concrete. As for A*shole? He cuddled up close to her and curled into a ball. Purring. Like a baby kitten. Adorable. And also completely f*cking helpless.

    She kissed me again, making me lightheaded. God, I was reeling. Buzzed to shit just from her touch.

  3. His heart hammered in anticipation, his mouth dry. Would she make the first move? Would he?

    Their eyes locked.

    He took a piece of the satin fabric of her dressing gown and rubbed it between his fingers. Imagined it was her, so soft and right.

    She licked her lips.

    “You better walk away now,” he murmured, gaze fastened on her lips.

    From Guarding Sierra, out on Monday!

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