Thursday’s Thoughts

Every Thursday I will share a word with you and I want to see your best lines to describe that word, either using the word itself or the emotion behind it. Let’s play!



Here’s mine:

Nothing was clear as she lay suffering from every point in her being. The need to breathe a simple breath of air, a struggle. Her arms wanted to move, but her mouth wouldn’t even cooperate to suck in a deep breath.

Protecting You ~ A McCord Family Novel

If you’re an author…

Share with us 2-3 lines and provide ONE link to your book or website:) If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!

Much love,

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6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. Ooh! Fun!! Okay it was hard to choose what to share but I finally settled on this one . . .

    She must have gasped aloud because someone suddenly loomed over her. Fingers pressed to her neck, in the distance someone called her name. Maybe Ryan? The pain was making her groggy, making it difficult for her to think.

  2. When it was my turn, I sat on the soft grass facing their headstones, thinking of what I wanted to say, but having a hard time putting it all into words.

    I was falling apart without them, I wanted to say.  My life wasn’t at all what I thought it would be.  I was lonely.  I was in a less-than-ideal job just so I could escape an even lesser-than-ideal job with a dirt-bag who had cheated on me.  And bonus, the only prospect of a romantic interest I’ve had recently, I had witnessed two nights ago being felt up by another woman as they barely made it out of the building before dry humping each other.  

    No, I didn’t think I would say any of that out loud.

  3. From my historical romance – Devil Her Due Book 1

    They had been on the long humiliating retreat out of hostile Pennsylvania through Maryland, back to friendly territories in Virginia. When on the move little could be done to relieve the suffering of the wounded. The supply of tincture, morphine, and other pain relievers was running low. It had to be saved for surgery. So the wounded simply agonized silently or loudly as each was wont to do by his nature. Their blood seeped through the floorboards of the ambulances leaving a ruby ribbon trail as they ran roughshod over the rocky roads.

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