Thursday’s Thoughts

I want to see your best lines! Either use the word itself or the emotion behind it.

The word today is:


His attire spoke much more highly of him this time. He had combed his brown hair to the side in a graceful manner, not one piece out of place. A clean black T-shirt had clung to his body in a raw sensual manner and blue jeans that hugged his thighs just right for a man. His boots were clean, free of dirt, shining with a power she couldn’t describe.

Trust In Love ~ A McCord Family Novel

If you’re an author…

Share with us 2-3 lines from ONE book and provide ONE link to your book or website:) If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. Excerpt from Tragedy and Desire

    Flustered, I looked up at the face of a tall, powerhouse of a man, and suddenly it felt like the ground fell out from beneath me.  This had to be the most painstakingly beautiful man I thought I had ever seen.

    At first glance, he was gorgeous.  The square of his jaw, the clean-cut but perfectly messy hair, the broad chest and shoulders, and flat stomach beneath an expensive suit, all came together to create a picture-perfect human.

  2. Okay, totally missed the whole handsome thing. Sorry!! Ignore my last post because here is one:

    He’s tall. Like giant tall. Well over six feet. His hair is as dark as his mother’s, and sort of all over the place in a way that says he just rolled out of bed and didn’t bother to brush it into submission. His eyes are also the same jade green, but his are encased in dark-framed glasses. A moderately thick beard lines his jaw, but not in an unkempt way. His face is handsome, no denying that.

  3. She answered the door as the bell rang a second time, and upon opening it, she gasped. It was the sexy neighbor boy, and he smiled and said, “Hi.” He was even sexier up close, Delilah felt a sort of eager warmth between her legs upon being this near to him. He was tall and blond and strong, his jaw was square and his brows were dark, but there was something weird about his eyes. They didn’t really… open. Well they did, sort of, but not all the way, and when they did, the eyeballs beneath were all askew, Delilah couldn’t rightly make out any pupils, just slivers of color where the irises disappeared beneath the lid. Her jaw dropped. It took a long moment for her to remember that he’d spoken, to tear her gaze away from his weird eyes, and notice the white cane in one of his hands, and the potted plant in the other.

    From HAUTE MESS: Model Behavior.

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