Thursday’s Thoughts

I want to see your best lines! Either use the word itself or the emotion behind it.
The word today is:


This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to feel anything for her. He wanted to hate her so much, and yet, he couldn’t anymore.

Protecting You ~ A McCord Family Novel

If you’re an author…

Share with us 2-3 lines from ONE book and provide ONE link to your book or website:) If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. Way too many lines to choose from but I eventually settled on this one from One . . .

    This was simply a dream. A horrible nightmare. That was the only explanation. If she could just wake up, then everything would be back to normal. Raising her right hand, she began to smash it into her injured shoulder, a little shocked when it caused arrows of pain to shoot up and down her arm.

  2. Tina’s “confession” to her friend:
    “That place you said about; the one that should have been safe? It’s here. My house. The ones who should have protected me are the ones who did me most harm.”

    Frank’s breath hitched, but he remained silent. It was lucky Tina couldn’t see his face. If she’d been able to see his look of horror she wouldn’t have been able to continue.
    He’d already guessed, but he’d hoped he was wrong. To hear Tina confirming his worst fears for her was appalling. He was shocked.

    Excerpt from:

    This book deals with the challenges of surviving CSA.
    Free on 08 October; Indie Author Day (as part of #LoveIndiePromo)

  3. “I know I’m an asshole. I would lie and say that’s a new habit, but it’s not. I should stay away from you because I’m not a good man and you make me think about things I’d rather not think about. Remember things I wish I could forget. I’ve breathed in fire and been burned by the flames, but you…” Luke trails off. “I’m in awe of you Ivy and that is as addictive as it is seductive. I walk away only to find I glow so much brighter in your light.”
    How on earth am I to respond to that? There are no words when someone stuns you that deeply.

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