Thursday’s Thoughts

Do you ever start writing  and you’re in the flow of things and everything is flowing so well you don’t notice what you just did? *waits patiently* Do you see what I did? I used the word “flow” twice in one sentence. Sometimes I even find myself using the same word twice in the same paragraph. *chuckles* Kinda did it again. You know what’s my best friend at times while I’m writing. Yep! The Thesaurus. I don’t want to use the same word repeatedly, but sometimes I want to convey the same thing.

♥ Writing exercise time. ♥

Now I’m a lover of love. *giggles* Gimme a great romance filled with sappy love and I’m happy. Call me dreamy, foolish, romantic, idealistic, or even quixotic. Do you see what I just did? You betcha. *wink* All those words convey the same thing.

Give me a sentence or two with one of these words: dreamy, foolish, romantic, idealistic, or quixotic.

I like a challenge so I’m gonna use quixotic. Sometimes, even as cool as a word may look, it might not always be the right one. Quixotic looks and sounds cool, but it’s also odd. But hey, I like odd. *grins*

The pencil stalled as no words came to mind. What was she doing writing a love letter? So many people said she was utterly quixotic, but when you were in love, how could you stop the love from escaping? Simple. She couldn’t.

Hahaha. Okay, quixotic does look strange in that sentence, but if you change it with foolish, romantic, or any of the other words above, they all fit. Thank you, Thesaurus:) As a reader, and a writer, it’s always nice to broaden my vocabulary.

How many words did you write? 20? 30? 100? Great job! One word written is better than none.

Much love,

💗 Queen Amanda


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. Chick: You’re my soulmate.
    Dude: (rolls eyes)
    Chick: My one and only.
    Dude: You’re so quixotic.
    Chick: (giggles) Do you even know what that means?
    Dude: Of course. That’s why you love me.

  2. Okay I know we’re only supposed to use one of the words but I couldn’t resist trying to fit them all in! Sorry, Queen Amanda!

    Aww!! That was the most romantic proposal she had ever seen in her life! When her dreamy boyfriend finally decided to ask her to marry him she hoped he did something just like this. He thought she was a little foolish when she got carried away imagining how he might propose. She wasn’t, she was just idealistic, she wanted it to be perfect. Hot air balloons and fireworks and maybe a dove carrying in the engagement ring, okay she giggled to herself perhaps she was a little quixotic, just a smidgen!

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