Thursday’s Thoughts

NaNoWriMo is officially over, but don’t stop writing! Keep that momentum going. We love to keep track of our word count HERE, join us! I know the holidays are here and it gets hard finding time to write, but any little progress is better than none. Let me help you today.

Writing exercise time. 

So, this week, Princess Jane found a wonderful article on naming your characters. It got me thinking. You know that crazy rhyming game with names. You don’t? Sure you do. Here’s what I’m talking about.

Sally Sally bo bally

Banana fanna fo fally

Fee, fy, mo mally


*chuckles* Is that totally stuck in your head now? It is in mine. lol. Let me help you with two things. Finding a great character name and getting some writing done.

Create a name game.

How many words did you write? 20? 30? 100? Awesome! One word written is better than none.

Much love,

💗 Queen Amanda

3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. This is a little harder than I thought. haha. But hey, that’s a good thing, right? Make your brain work a little. So a name…

    His hair.
    As dark as a lion’s mane.
    His eyes.
    So beautiful and blue, it brings me pain.
    His smile.
    Sweet, soft, like fresh rain.
    He’s mine.
    That handsome man named Kane.

  2. May I cheat today? Yeah, I may? Thanks! 😛

    Darius, Darius, bo-barius
    Banana-fana fo-farius

    Brynn, Brynn, bo-rynnie
    Banana-fana fo-frynnie

  3. Well I was gonna do one with Brynn, but since Mistress Ann already did, here’s mine . . .

    Summer, Summer
    La-la hummer
    Boom-boom drummer
    Sad, sad, glummer

    Haha, that was terrible, but the best I could do!

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