Thursday’s Thoughts

It’s almost time to ring in the New Year! 🎉 I can’t believe how fast 2016 flew by. How much writing did you get done? A lot. Not enough. Just right. Well, whatever you managed to do, good job! Writing something is better than nothing.

Writing exercise time. 

What are your plans for 2017? Do you ever make a New Year’s resolution? Well, how about a New Year’s  writing resolution.

Tell me your writing goals for 2017.

How many words did you write? 20? 30? 100? Great! One word written is better than none. Remember that when the new year begins.

Happy New Year!!! 🎉  ≧✯◡✯≦  🎉

Much love,

💗 Queen Amanda

4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. No resolutions, goals or targets, but lots and lots of plans…
    I’ve put the one about world domination on the back burner for now, instead I’m going to concentrate on getting 2 historical novels and a novelette out into the world, along with 4 short stories. I have a story in an anthology coming out in April/May, and have written another one for submission to another anthology, so fingers crossed for that one!!
    Apart from all that writing, I’m bumping up my social media efforts, and getting my newsletter numbers up!
    Have an awesome 2017 everyone!! World domination here we come!!

  2. I have a lot I want to accomplish. I’m almost finished with Book 3 in the McCord Series, so I plan to publish that. That’ll probably be my easy goal to complete. I want to finish Book 2 in the Lucky Town series and publish. I have two books sitting patiently to be published, so I do plan to publish both of those very soon. Get ready for some sexy detectives. *wink* There’s one more book (which means one more sexy detective *chuckle*) in that series, so I want to start writing that one. And I’ve decided (with the wonderful idea from Princess Jane) to write a Christmas story every year, so I have to write a cute, sweet, Christmassy story for next year. Whew! I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more I want to get done, but for now, that’s what I really want to complete.

    Bring on 2017, I’m ready!!

  3. 1. Survive Jan 2017 (this has nothing to do with writing haha!)
    2. Hart 3 preorder mid-Feb/release Mar 1st (?)
    3. Hart 4 release early June
    4. Publish Dare to Love in Oct? Eh, maybe Dec? Still gotta discuss with the lovely Princess Jane 😉
    5. Whip up first dark romance/erotica and pub by Dec 2017
    6. 1000 reviews on GR across all books
    7. My favorite number besides 13

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