Thursday’s Thoughts

How was your week? Did you get lots of writing in? No. Yeah. Some. Either way, I’m here to help. To instill a little inspiration to get those words flowing. Join us HERE, we help motivate each other every day.

Writing exercise time.

Fall’s here and winter is slowly approaching. Where I live, the heat is always around. I miss the fall colors and the slightly chilly air (not the cold, not a fan of that at all *chuckles*). I miss dressing up in warm gear and then heading out to a pumpkin patch or some sort of fall activity, grabbing a nice cup of hot apple cider or hot chocolate, warming me to the bones. Doesn’t that just sound nice? It does, I agree:) But not too cold, like I said, I don’t like the extreme cold. Brrrrr

Give me a little bit of the fall feeling. Wrap me up in the season.

Finish this sentence: Once upon a beautiful fall day…

Did the words start flowing? Did it pump you up to write some more? How many words did you write? 20? 30? 100? Awesome job! One word written is better than none.

Much love,

💗 Queen Amanda


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. Once upon a beautiful fall day…I went running and jumping through the crunchy carpet of colourful autumn leaves, building them into a huge pile then diving into them, as yellow, orange, and red leaves rain down around me!

    Actually used to love doing that when I was a kid!!

  2. Once upon a beautiful fall day…

    I looked skyward and thought to myself, “Can life be any more perfect than this?” And then a bird pooped in my eye.

    The End.

    (Sorry, that’s actually what came to mind just now hahaha!!)

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