To Pre-Order or not to Pre-order

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of experimenting with, well, absolutely everything. So, of course, I’ve been playing around with pre-orders for my current series.

  • Book One: None cuz I tossed it into the wild at random haha! No, really. Totally random.
  • Book Two: 3 weeks
  • Book Three: 6 weeks (currently 4 weeks in/2 weeks left)

Personally, I’ve found that a longer pre-order tough to “maintain” since the majority of sales happen when I first announce and my Amazon ranks peak at 5-7 days into a pre-order. Therefore, I’ll be doing 5-7 day pre-orders moving forward. Brilliant, I know! LOL But, for reals, I reckon everyone has a different experience with this, eh? So here’s a super informative article by the fabulous Chris McMullen:

To Pre-Order or not to Pre-order

Hope that helps a wee bit!


Mistress Ann

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