What is a Minor Character?

Main characters, they’re easy to write, right? I mean we spend so much time thinking about them. What do they look like? How do they talk? What was their childhood like? What major life events have shaped them? What quirks do they have? I mean I could go on and on and on, but I won’t! Haha!

But . . . what about those minor characters?

I was thinking about this topic recently because I had a review of one of my books that mentioned certain characters disappearing off the scene and how the reviewer wondered what happened to them. I had intended those characters to be minor ones, but I kind of have a thing about making even my minor characters quite detailed, I always give them backstory that explains their motivation in the scene or two that they’re in. So it got me thinking, just how detailed should a minor character be? How much is too much? How much is not enough? Here’s an article that talks about just that, hope it helps you as it helped me!

What is a minor character’s role?


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Princess Jane

6 thoughts on “What is a Minor Character?

  1. Ooooh, Princess Jane!

    Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic article! I never know how much “life” to give my minor character without letting them take over, eh? So, yeah, super duper helpful!!!

    Ginormous hugsss,
    Mistress Ann

  2. Excellent, article, Princess Jane! I feel like my minor characters always demand more attention…hence, more books for me to write:)

  3. Great article! I think I fall too much into the ‘make them forgettable’ category.

    And such a fun idea to post good articles! 🙂 If you ever want to post new articles here directly, let me know and I’ll contribute something.

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