What should you put in your email newsletter?

Since we already talked about email lists last week and y’all are probably sick of hearing me blab on and on about them, the only logical choice for this week is to…

Beat a dead horse.

Kidding. I figure that if I’m gonna post about growing an email list, I’d darn well better follow-up with some solid intel on what the heck you should actually put in your newsletter once you’ve built up that magical list of reader-shaped unicorns, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nah, seriously, I tend to make really unpopular decisions when it comes to marketing-type stuff so I’m definitely not one to be dishing out advice on the topic.

Therefore, I’m once again calling on the experience of someone who’s seen waaay more success than myself, the ever-so-wise Jane Friedman (excerpt from Kirsten Oliphant):

What Should You Put in Your Email Newsletter?

Hope that helps you superstars a bit more!


Mistress Ann

5 thoughts on “What should you put in your email newsletter?

  1. Very awesome article, Mistress Ann! So much great information! And perfect timing as I am just building up my email list so its good to think about what kind of emails I’ll be wanting to send out!!

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