What’s missing in the modern romance heroine

There are many routes to take when you are creating your heroine and hero. Sometimes I personally feel like there is some pressure to make your heroine in particular a character who can be respected, who is strong, and also reasonably likeable. I don’t want my heroines to be the constant damsel in distress, and yet I also want to highlight their vulnerabilities and their journey to overcome them and become stronger as a person.

Obviously there is no right or wrong when creating a character, they can be any kind of person you want them to be, or any kind of person THEY want themselves to be! And the type of characters you create might be specific to the type of story you are trying to tell. But here are a couple of things you might want to consider when creating your heroine.

What’s missing in the modern romance heroine


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Princess Jane

2 thoughts on “What’s missing in the modern romance heroine

  1. Great find, Princess Jane!!

    “Even if you’re an alpha girl till you die, what does it say about your leading man if the woman he falls in love with isn’t as compelling and complex as he is? If he’s really all that, the love of his life should be a woman who deserves his attention.”

    This. So much this. Especially in real life 😉

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