When it’s time to start over

Ever had a book that just doesn’t seem to work no matter how much time and effort and work you put into it?

I have. I’ve struggled with something, left it, come back to it, struggled some more, left it again, and finally come back to it, dumped everything I had written so far and started over!

Was that kind of scary to dump months and months and months of work and start from scratch? Yep it sure was!

Have you ever found yourself in this position where you kind of know you need to start over but you are also totally scared of the prospect?

This article offers some tips on knowing when its time to make that tough call!

When it’s time to start over


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Princess Jane

1 thought on “When it’s time to start over

  1. Great article, Princess Jane!!

    Personally, I’ve never done a legit mulligan but I do trash large chunks on a regular basis. Not scared to, though, cuz it’s kinda my “normal” 😛

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