Writing gender specific dialogue

Writing believable dialogue is an important part of any book. No matter what genre we read we want to feel like the people are real people, that they behave in a believable way, that they react to things in a believable way, and that they speak in a believable way. Unbelievable, unnatural, or forced dialogue can all be things that take us out of the book and disrupt our enjoyment of it.

In romance novels in particular one of the things to consider when writing believable dialogue is making sure that it is gender specific. Of course this is important in all novels, but in a romance where we are typically dealing with a male and female falling in love, we want to make sure we are as spot on with each of our characters as we can be.

Here are a couple of tips to try and make your hero’s and heroine’s dialogue as believable as possible.

Writing gender specific dialogue 


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