Here’s mine:

I was being tugged forward, enveloped by impossibly strong arms…

When I suddenly cried out in agony.

What the fuck?

The sound was strangled to shit, effectively muted by a barricade of fabric.


Pain erupted, consuming my left side in a fiery blaze.

Holy fuck!

I couldn’t believe it.

That lovely combat knife I’d envisioned him dragging through his own flesh?

The asshole had fucking stabbed me with it.

If you’re an author…

Share a few lines of a WTF moment and ONE link to your book or website. If you’re a reader, sit back and enjoy the comments!


Mistress Ann

P.S. – Just pretend that ain’t a bazillion lines long. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “WTF?!?!!

  1. Here’s mine from One Taste of You.

    The wad of money hung in the air. “I’m not sure how much you charge, but this should be more than enough.”
    Her eyes darted to the money, then back at him. No expression filtered anywhere. Not delight. No satisfaction. Nothing but hollow emptiness.
    Without a chance to react, she slapped him in the face and walked out of the room.
    His cheek stung from the blow, tiny pinpricks radiating down his jaw as he stared at the door.
    Shit. The best thing to walk into his life just walked out. And not as a prostitute as he originally thought.

  2. Working On It:

    “I’m more familiar with the shot. Rachel was on it and it she rarely had a period.”

    Did I say he was a gentleman? Apparently, he’s also an insensitive fucktard. And we’re 48 hours into this relationship.

    “Oh, good for Rachel. Thank you so much for sharing that.”


    “You know what? I’m not feeling so hot right now, Evan. I’m going back to the house to go to bed early.”

    I start towards the door. I make it two steps before I feel his hand on my forearm.

    “I’m sorry. I wasn’t saying that to hurt you. It was strictly an observation. I thought you might prefer to not deal with your period.”

    My eyes bulge. He did not just say that.

    “Yes, well, thank you for clearing that up. I’ll see you in class.”

    “Don’t go like this.”

    “Evan, it’s fine. I’m sure I’ll get over it once my period has ended.” The bitch is back, people.

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